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The BUSY tech startup entrepreneur

“ I could learn but I don’t have time. I need someone to take over this project & run with it.”

The FRUSTRATED non tech savvy director

“I know what I want to set up in, but I just can’t seem to get it to work how I want.”

The STRESSED OUT project manager

“There are so many tasks that our team does each day and many of them get lost, I need to prevent that.”

Don't sweat!

No matter which person you are above, Simpleday can help!

As consultants, we take the time to learn and understand your business, so we can set up the best possible workflow for you. Each business has its own unique tasks and processes, and we translate that into a simple, easy to use workflow. We thrive on helping businesses get started and optimize their processes on which will ultimately save time, be more organized and give you more visibility into your business.

Customized Implementation

We take the time understand your unique business and then set up customized boards, dashboards, automations and integrations right in your account. simple project management board

Workflow building

Each business has its own processes and quirks and we help you convert that into a simple yet powerful &  sustainable workflow that you will depend on. 

Team Training & Onboarding

Team trainings & onboarding sessions are designed to make you feel like a pro! Our goal is for you to be  comfortable with the workflow while  improving your skills and assisting with team adoption.

We’ve helped 100+ businesses build & optimize their workflow. And we’ll do it for you!

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Why should you hire a consultant ?

Leverage Our Expertise

Every company has their own workflows and internal processes. As a consultant,  we learn & understand your workflow to translate that into

Customized Implementation

We are a certified partner and have set up many boards, and dashboards. Using this expertise, we guide you on how to get the most out of the platform following best practices. 

Save Time To Do What You Love

Save time by letting us do the heavy lifting in a platform that we are experts at. This will save time for you and your team so you can focus on running your business and reaching your goals.

Ongoing support

Simpleday offers ongoing support and guidance to help your business continually improve their use of This may include providing assistance with platform updates and new features, or answering questions and troubleshooting.


We provide training and guidance on how to use the platform effectively and really to understand how it works. We want to ensure that your team will adopt and use and understand your specific workflow.  

Improved collaboration

We can teach you how to use as a tool that that facilitates better communication and collaboration among team members. This may include setting up custom workflows.

Improved efficiency

As experts, we can help you streamline your workflows and improve the efficiency and productivity of your team. We provide recommendations on how to use the platform to automate tasks and minimize manual efforts for your whole business.

Enhanced visibility & transparency

Simpleday can help you set up the in a way that provides enhanced visibility into your team’s progress and KPIs. We create custom dashboards and reports so you get the key information that you need to know.

Providing insights, reports & data

By providing insights and data on business’s performance, we can help improve decision-making and goal-setting. This may include providing recommendations on how to track and measure key performance indicators.

Choose Simpleday as your trusted partner for consultation and coaching services with  unmatched expertise and dedication. We will guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless integration of into your workflow. With our proven track record and commitment to client success, we are your gateway to unlocking the true potential of and revolutionizing your setup. Take the leap and elevate your productivity with our unparalleled consultation services today!

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