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Project Management Simplified:
High and Low-Level Boards on monday.com

Get organized and stay on top of your work effortlessly with monday.com

Language: English
Format: Recorded Webinar
Duration:  53m 23s

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About this webinar

Want to streamline your project management process and improve team collaboration? 

Boards in monday.com are important tools to organize tasks, track progress and make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Join our webinar to learn how you can use high and low level boards in monday.com to increase your project management efficiency. 

Discover how these boards provide a clear overview of your projects and help you manage everything from daily tasks to long-term goals.


What will you learn

  • High-level boards: Step-by-step instructions on how to create and manage high-level boards to monitor project progress, milestones and overall performance.
  • Low-level boards: Techniques for designing detailed, task-oriented boards that ensure every team member knows their tasks and deadlines.
  • Task management: Best practices for assigning, tracking and prioritizing tasks to keep projects on schedule.
  • Integration and automation: How to connect your boards with other tools and automate workflows to save time and reduce manual effort.

Meet your speaker

Tara Photo

Tara Horn, a seasoned monday.com expert, has extensive experience helping organizations optimize their workflows and business processes. With a passion for productivity and organizational excellence, Tara will guide you through the full potential of monday.com’s board features and ensure you can manage projects with ease and clarity.

Who should watch

This webinar is ideal for project managers, team leaders and executives of any size organization who want to improve their project management skills with monday.com. Whether you’re looking to improve day-to-day task management or oversee complex projects, this webinar will give you skills to make your team more productive and focused.

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