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How to Build Dashboards and Reports in monday.com

Turn your data into insights with monday.com dashboards and reports.

Language: English
Format: Recorded Webinar
Duration: 42m 47s

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About this webinar

Are you struggling to visualize your team’s performance and project progress? Dashboards and reports are critical to gaining insights and making informed decisions. Join our webinar and learn how monday.com can transform your data into compelling visuals. Learn how you can create custom dashboards and reports that keep everyone in the loop.

What will you learn

  • Creating dashboards: Step-by-step instructions on how to design effective dashboards that highlight key metrics and KPIs.
  • Custom reports: Techniques for creating detailed reports to track progress, productivity and resources allocation.
  • Data visualization: Best practices for making data understandable and actionable for all team members.
  • Integration and automation: How to integrate data from different sources and automate reporting processes to save time and reduce errors.

Meet your speaker

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Tara Horn, a seasoned monday.com expert, has extensive experience helping organizations optimize their workflows and business operations. With her passion for productivity and organizational excellence, Tara will guide you through the full potential of monday.com’s reporting and dashboard tools.

Who should watch

This webinar is ideal for project managers, team leaders and executives of any size organization who want to improve their monitoring and reporting capabilities using monday.com. If your goal is to improve decision making and provide your team with clear, actionable insights, this session is for you.

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