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Embed Forms in Elementor on Your WordPress Website

If you are using Elementor for your WordPress website here are step by step instructions to embed your form into your website. This allows you to easily capture leads from your website that will be automatically entered into a board. Feel free to watch the video or read the instructions below.

YouTube player

Step 1 – Create your board and form in

Step 2 – Create your Elementor page on your website

Step 3 – On your Elementor page, add a HTML block to the location on the page where you want the form to be placed. You can search for this in the search bar.

Step 4 – In, click on publish in the edit form section.

Step 5 – Click in the embed icon

Step 6 – Click on copy, to copy your code

Step 7 – Take that copied code and add it to the Elementor HTML block on your page.

Step 8 – Hit publish on your Elementor page

Make sure to test out the form to make sure that all of the fields are correct and you are getting the information that you need. You may want to consider adding automations for emails from as soon as some new leads come in.

Good luck!

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