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How to Set Up a Vendor Board on

Setting up a Vendror Board

Tired of re-entering the same vendor details over and over? Every client, project, or task meant retyping names, numbers, addresses, which wastes too much valuable time. But has a vendor board feature that saves you from doing the repetitive chores. Curious how it works? Keep reading to learn how I automated my vendor info […]

How to Change Automation Ownership on

changing ownership

Have you ever needed to change who owns an automation in but weren’t sure how? Maybe a coworker set it up and now they’re gone, so you want the editing access yourself. It’s easy to transfer the ownership in this platform, so your important workflows stay running smoothly. I’ll show you exactly where to […]

Unlock the Potential of the App Marketplace in

App Marketplace

Need more superpowers in your Check out the app marketplace. It’s filled with handy plugins that take your workflow kryptonite and turn it into workflow gold. These apps have features you never knew you were missing. The possibilities are endless. So, take a look to see what kind of magic you can create with […]

The Proper Use of Views in Managing Columns

Optimizing Views

Do you feel like drowning in too much information when looking at your boards? Views are the solution if all you need is a quick glance at a few key details. With this feature, you can pull out just the important stuff when you need it. I’ll show you how views let you arrange […]

Exporting to PDF on Learn This Simple Process

Export to PDF

What do you do when you need to send an update to your client or team? Enter exporting to PDF. It lets you take beautiful visuals of your dashboard. No more explaining, just send them the document for them to see it just like you have it set up. We’ll break down the entire […]

How to Change Groups Using the “Group By” Feature in

How to change groups

The groups on your project boards are usually fixed and unchangeable once you start working. The names can be changed but that’s about it. But what if you want to rearrange the groups by different parameters, like dates or status columns? Well, there’s a cool feature called “Group By” that lets you do just that. It allows changing […]

How to Create a KPI Dashboard to Track Website Metrics on

KPI dashboard

Tracking the key metrics for your website is crucial if you want to boost performance. Things like visitor numbers, conversion rate, and bounce rate tell you how your business is actually doing and what you should focus on next. Luckily, setting up a useful dashboard on to monitor your website metrics is simple. All […]

How to Do Match Automation In Different Boards In

Match automations

Using You’ll love this handy little trick called “match automation.” It automatically syncs up similar info between your different boards. It is super helpful for keeping things organized. Let me break it down for you real quick. Prerequisites for Automatic Matching To set up automatic matching between boards, you need to do a few […]

Streamline Your Workflows with Connected Boards & Mirror Columns

Connected boards

In the realm of project management and collaboration tools, stands out for its versatility and user-friendly interface. With its wide array of features, it empowers teams to streamline processes, track projects, and organize data efficiently. One such feature that can significantly enhance your workflow is the connected boards and mirror columns. We’ll dive deep […]

Mastering Dashboards: A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Productivity


In the dynamic world of project management and collaboration, having a clear and organized overview of tasks, data, and progress is paramount. Enter the dashboards in, a robust tool that enables users to gather and visualize essential information from various boards, fostering better decision-making, efficiency, and teamwork. In this guide, we’ll delve deep into […]

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