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How to Create an Annual Plan Using

New Year is a time for resolutions and planning. Many companies take the time to plan their projects and budgets for the upcoming year. Below is a video and step-by-step instructions that show you how to create 2 boards that can manage your annual plan and related tasks on

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Here are step-by-step instructions for creating an annual plan board and a task board.

Step 1 – Create your annual plan board

Step 2 – Create your task board

Step 3 – Add columns to the annual plan board. You can add whatever columns you think would be helpful, and below are the columns that I would recommend

  • Person column to track who is the team lead
  • Timeline column to track the timeline of each project
  • Numbers column for the budget for each project
  • Status column -to create a type of project
  • Connected board column – to connect to your task board
  • Mirror columns – to pull in the relevant information from the task board
  • Files column – to track all of your final files
  • Formula column – this can be used to calculate if you are on or off budget

Step 4 – Add columns to the task board. I would recommend the following

  • Person column – so you can assign a task to a person
  • Date column – to manage due dates
  • Status column – to keep track of the status of each task
  • Numbers column – keep track of your actual spend on each task
  • Connected board column – to link up to the main annual plan board (and then you can mirror any boards if you would like)

Step 5 – Create dashboards – dashboards can be created in the task board or in the annual plan board. Consider these as possible dashboards

  • Numbers widget to track budget, actual spend or calculate the difference
  • Chart widget to track budget by type
  • Timeline widget to see your projects over time
  • Gantt chart widget

If you typically create an annual plan each year, and have similar large projects then change the annual plan board to become a template board. Once this is a template board, you can use it every year to make planning even easier.

Good luck!

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