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New Features from in Q3 2022

The third quarter of 2022 has brought some important updates to the work os platform. If you are new to the and just learning to implement the platform, or have been using it for a long time, these updates are helpful for everyone. Below is a quick recap of them in case you missed them.

New cover photos for workspaces and workdocs

You can now add a photo to each workspace. This allows you to add your own personal touch to each workspace. You can add your own personal photo, or a photo form the library. You can now also add a photo to workdocs. As of now, you can only add an image from the library and not your own image.

add an image to your workspace

Workforms updates

  • You can customize the CTA button on your any of your forms. For example, instead of the button saying submit, it can now say send, or subscribe or whatever you would like.  
  • Shorten your link – you can now shorten the link to your form. It is just cleaner and more presentable when you have to send it to customers.

Restoring sub-items

You can now restore sub-items columns that have been deleted. Just go to the recycle bin and click restore on the relevant column.

recycling bin in

Mentions have improved

 The suggestion became a lot smarter for when you @mention people in the updates section. If you comment on an update, it will automatically suggest the people who are in the people column for that task. When responding to a comment, the first person listed is the person who wrote the task. This surely saves time by not having to scroll to find the person that you are looking for.

Clearing connected board columns

When you delete or archive a board that has a connected board column in it, the connected board column will now be cleared on the original board. You used to have to manually delete the items, but now it is done automatically.

Last updated column

 While this update may seem not so important, it actually had a huge impact on the speed of the boards loading ,so this is a big one. The last updated column used to  track any changes done to any item including updates. Now, this column only tracks changes made to columns or title name and not any update that are made.

Quick start in workdocs

This is actually my favorite update of the quarter. There are preset templates to start your workdoc. They are clear, simple and I love the emojis that I can never figure out how to add to my docs.

quick starters in workdocs
Which new feature have you been using?
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