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How to Add Time Tracking to Your Board

One handy feature offers is time tracking. With this, you can easily record the time spent on individual tasks and projects within your workboards. No more guessing how long something actually took or scrambling to reconstruct your work log!

Time tracking helps boost productivity by giving you insight into how much effort different projects require. It also aids in billing clients and ensuring teams stay on track. Let’s look at how simple it is to add this useful feature.

How to Add the Time Tracking Feature

Adding the time tracking column to your board is a breeze. Just follow these quick steps:

      1. Open up the board you want to add time tracking to. It can be an existing board you use to manage projects, or a new one set up for this purpose.

      1. In the top menu, click the “Add Column” plus sign button. This opens up options for adding a new column to your board.

      1. Start typing “time tracking” in the search bar that pops up. Select the “Time Tracking” column type from the list.

    adding time tracking column

    That’s it! The time tracking column will now show up on your board. It really is as simple as that.

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    Customizing the Time Tracking Column

    After adding the time tracking column, you can customize it to perfectly fit your workflow needs. Here are some of the settings you can tweak:

    a. View and edit time logs

    Click on the time entry to see details of who tracked time, on what date, and the duration.

    time tracking log

    You can also edit the info by clicking on it. Say you meant to log 10 minutes but accidentally input 1 hour. Just change the time to reflect the actual work.

    edit time

    b. Clear time logs

    To erase a time entry, click the “X” icon or the “Clear” button. This removes it completely from your time tracking. Use this when you make a mistake or want to reset the clock.

    clearing time log

    c. Manually add time

    Don’t want to use the play/stop timer? You can manually input any time duration.

    Just click “Add Session” and enter the details like date, person, and hours worked. Perfect for adding past time or if you forgot to start the tracker.

    adding session manually

    d. Change date

    By default, time logs use the current date.

    But you can edit the date by clicking on the calendar icon. This opens up a handy pop-up calendar so you can select any other date needed.

    changing date

    e. Show seconds

    For more precise tracking, you can toggle the column to show seconds.

    Go to Settings > Customize Time Tracking Column > check “Show Seconds.” Now you’ll see down to the second duration.

    tracking seconds setting

    tracking seconds

    f. Export time logs

    Need your time data in spreadsheet form? Easy! Click the “Export to Excel” button.

    export to excel

    This will download an Excel file containing all your time tracking information. Great for sharing with clients, number crunching, or archiving logs.

    g. Use in formulas

    One powerful feature is using the time data in a formula. Simply add a formula column, and pull in the time tracking column to compare estimated vs actual time per task. Or calculate total time spent per project or client. The possibilities are endless.

    For example, you could do:

    Estimated Time – Tracked Time = Time Remaining

    This would show if you’re over or under budget for each task. Formulas let you unlock the full potential of time tracking!

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