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How to Add Group and Board Summaries in

Working with large projects or handling multiple tasks can quickly become overwhelming, especially when dealing with extensive data sets. That’s where’s “summary” feature can help you stay organized by providing the summaries of a number of columns

The group and board summaries provide a quick, condensed overview of important information, allowing you to grasp the gist without getting bogged down in details. 

Let’s find out how to enable these two features. 

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How to Enable Group and Board Summaries

To enable the group or board summary, you’ll need to access what’s called the Monday Labs. To get there, simply click on your user avatar (that little profile picture) in the top right corner and select “Monday Labs” from the menu.

monday labs

Once you’re in the Labs area, you’ll see a whole bunch of different options and add-ons. For activating the group summary, locate the one labeled “Collapsed Group Footers” and click on it to activate. 

Similarly, you can activate the board summary by clicking on the “Board Footers” option. 

enabling group and board summaries

After activating these features, you need to give your board a quick refresh to make sure all the changes have taken effect properly.

So what exactly are these group and board summaries we’re enabling? Basically, they provide neat little summaries or “footers” at the bottom of any collapsed groups or boards. 

Let’s say you have your tasks grouped by priority level. With summaries enabled, you’d be able to quickly see the total number of tasks, hours logged, or whatever metric for each of those priority levels. The summary footers give you the key stats you need at a glance.

group and board summary

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