There is a whole place for apps! Welcome to the app marketplace!
There are over 100 apps that are perfect for enhancing your workflows. Whether you need to integrate new tools, unlock extra features, or tweak things to fit your specific needs, there’s an app for that.

All of these apps are custom built for the platform. So, you know they’ll slot right in without any issues. You can browse through categories like productivity & efficiency, project management, CRM, HR, team management, and more. Or, just search the marketplace if you already know what you’re looking for.

You can completely personalize your workflow with these apps. Maybe one team needs a simple and powerful way to manage and overview projects while another wants to create professional documents from their boards, the options are endless! And lots are free to try out. A few have premium upgrades if you want extended features.

The Benefits of Apps

Apps are super handy for enhancing in all sorts of ways. Whether you need that extra nudge of functionality or want to save some time, there’s a benefit for you here.

Some apps extend the capabilities of existing tools. Like custom board views to track tasks differently or widgets that add a pinch of flair to your dashboards. Pre-built templates are another life-saver. They come with boards and views already set up so you’re working straight off the bat.

Integration is where apps really shine too. Can’t live without Slack? There’s an app for seamless chatting. Prefer Dropbox? Apps have you covered. They make linking all your favorite tools a breeze.

Solving specific problems is what some apps are all about. Perhaps your team needs a way to improve relationship with leads, or a fresh approach for recruiting process. Chances are there’s an app customized just for your workflow hurdles. The options are there so put them to good use!

Make Sense of Apps With Us!

Feeling overwhelmed by all the apps in the marketplace? You’re not alone; it can be tough to sort through all the options. That’s where we come in!

The team at Simpleday is here to make sense of it all. We’ve tested tons of apps ourselves, so we know which ones are actually helpful. Our blog posts and tutorials break the functions, features, and applications of these apps in simple ways.

Not sure if you need a time tracking app or a project planning one? Let us explain the differences. Can’t decide between three similar analytics tools? We’ll compare features so you can pick the best fit.

Sales teams especially love our app guides since we focus on apps that can boost your workflows. But whether you’re in marketing, CRM, or software development, there is an app tailored to your team’s needs.

It’s all about saving you time and helping you choose apps that will genuinely improve your experience. So, next time you’re app shopping, check in with us first. We’ll point you in the right direction.

Need Personalized Help?

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It’s totally on us. Just book a time on our calendar and we’ll have an honest chat about your workflow woes. No sales pitch, just solutions tailored to where you’re at.

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